How to configure Edwiser RemUI Dashboard Blocks for my Users?

To Add Edwiser RemUI block to the dashboard page: 

1) Install Edwiser RemUI block plugin
2) Click on "Customize this page" button on your Dashboard.
3) Navigate to Left sidebar and click on "Add a block".
4) Now, in the listed options, choose "Edwiser RemUI" block.

If you want to choose which blocks to be visible for the users then go to Edwiser RemUI dashboard settings and select the blocks which you want to be displayed for your users.

Ideally, if you want to set/configure the dashboard for all users then you need to navigate to Site administration -> Appearance -> Default Dashboard page -> Configure your dashboard page and then click on Reset dashboard for all users. Now the new dashboard design will be visible for all users on your Moodle site.

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