How does Edwiser Bridge - WooCommerce Integration extension work in WordPress - Moodle Integration

Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration extension lets you sell your Moodle courses as WooCommerce Products through WooCommerce Shop page.

Now, if a new user (new to WordPress as well as Moodle) purchases a Product which is associated with a Moodle course, then the user will have an account created in WordPress and Moodle and the username and password at both ends will be the same.

If a user already exists in Moodle and then purchases a course through WordPress then the user will have username and password which was used while making the purchase at WordPress and the username and password for Moodle will be the same as it was before and there will be no change in it.

Users also have the option to reset both the password at WordPress and Moodle using Edwiser bridge's user account page.

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