I get undefined error when I click on 'Verify token in Moodle' button in Single Sign on setting

You need to check if the following steps are configured properly in WordPress and Moodle site.

  • Check if you have installed 'wdmwpmoodle.zip' plugin on your Moodle site.
  • Make sure you have added “wdm_sso_verify_token” service in the External service with all the other services that are required in Edwiser Bridge plugin. Create a new token key and add the same in the connection settings (In Edwiser Bridge settings inside your WordPress site)
  • Most importantly check if you are using the correct Moodle URL in the connection setting. Ideally, you should copy the URL directly from the address bar and paste it in connection settings.

Note: The Moodle URL should just be the URL and not an extended version of it.

Once these steps are checked click on 'Verify token in Moodle' button and check if the issue is resolved.

If you still face the issue then do contact us here: edwiser@wisdmlabs.com

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