Edwiser Bridge plugin does not generate same password for WordPress and Moodle.

You need to Check the following setting in your WordPress and Moodle site to ensure you have the same password generated in WordPress and Moodle.

  • Check if the user that was created in WordPress while making the purchase already existed in Moodle? If yes, then the password will remain different as the Moodle password will not change when you create a WordPress user account. In this case, the users can navigate to Edwiser Bridge's user account page to reset the password at WordPress and Moodle to have the same password at both sites.

  • Check if you have disabled Password policy in your Moodle site. You need to have this setting disabled.

  • Check if you have enabled email address based login in your Moodle site ( if you are using your email address in place of username for login authentication ).

  • If you are using WooCommerce Integration plugin then you need to disable automatic password generation in the Checkout page. You need to create the password manually in the Checkout process to have the same password at WordPress and Moodle.

Contact us here if this does not work for you.

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