How to translate Edwiser Bridge plugin and other extensions to my preferred language ?

To translate Edwiser Bridge from English to your preferred language, you need to download and install the 'Loco translate' plugin. This is a free plugin. You also need to download the 'poedit' editor

1) After installing and activating the 'Loco Translate' plugin, you need to do the following.

2) Go to Dashboard -> Loco Translate -> Manage translation.

3) Go to the plugins section on the Manage translate page.

4) Select Edwiser Bridge plugin.

5) Click on 'New Language' - a new page will be loaded.
On this page add the language of preference and click on 'Start Translation'.
A new page will open with options like Save, PO, MO, Sync etc.

6) Click on PO and Mo options- Two files will be downloaded a PO file and an MO file.

7) Open the downloaded PO file in the poedit editor. You can translate the fields of the plugin as per your convenience and SAVE the file.

8> Now upload the edited PO file and the unedited MO file to the 'Languages' folder of the Edwiser Bridge plugin through FTP.

9) You can -> go to the public_html/wp-content/plugins/edwiser-bridge/languages to add the PO and MO files.

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