'Invalid token' error message when trying to test connection while using Edwiser Bridge plugin

Please check the following the following configuration on your WordPress and Moodle site to eliminate ' Invalid Token' error message from Edwiser Bridge connection settings.

  • Check if you have added all the Functions mentioned in Edwiser Bridge documentation in the external services.
  • Check if you are using the latest Token key generated after adding all the functions in the External service that you created while configuring Edwiser Bridge.
  • Check if you have enabled Web services in Advanced features setting in your Moodle site.
  • Check if you have enabled Rest protocol in Web services.
  • Now in your WordPress site under Edwiser Bridge connection settings, check if you are using the right Moodle URL ( Ideally to be copy-pasted directly from the address bar to avoid error) and also the right Moodle access token key generated in your Moodle site.

If the above configuration does not fix the issue then please drop an email here along with Admin access and FTP credentials of your WordPress and Moodle site so that we can debug the issue on your end

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