User not getting enrolled in some Moodle courses

At times in spite of Edwiser Bridge and its extension been properly setup the course buyers are not automatically enrolled in the purchased course.

# How Things Work?
When you sync your Moodle courses to WordPress and connect them to relevant WooCommerce product this is what happens -

The ID of Moodle course in Moodle gets synced to WordPress and this course ID is then linked to relevant WooCommerce product ID.

Example -
There are 2 Courses A & B in Moodle with ID's 1 & 2.
When we sync them to WordPress and link them to respective WooCommerce products named P1 & P2.
So P1 = Course A = ID '1'
whereas P2 = Course B = ID '2'

# What causes the problem?
Whenever you delete the course in Moodle without making any changes to the previous arrangement.
So whenever someone purchases these WooCommerce products the purchase process works successfully but when Edwiser Bridge looks for the previously connected Course ID to enrol the course buyer.
They find that the previously created course is deleted thus does not enrol the course buyer in the course.

Example -
Assuming we replaced Course A and created a new version of the course named Course A1.
This creates a new course ID in Moodle let's call it 3.
Now when someone purchases WooCommerce product P1 they should ideally be enrolled in course A which has ID 1 but since Edwiser Bridge does not see this course ID in Moodle, enrolment action does not take place.

# How to resolve it?
Whenever you delete any course in Moodle and replace it with new ones then make sure that you delete the previously synced course in WordPress as well as remove it from Trash.
Once you have done it you may sync the said Moodle course to WordPress again.
After syncing them link them to their relevant WooCommerce product the way you had done it previously.

Example -
In this case you have to delete the previously synced course in WordPress that is delete Course A which has ID 1.
And again sync the said Course A1 which has ID 3 and link it up to WooCommerce product P1.

This will resolve the issue that you are facing.

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