How to create custom menu on the header bar in the Edwiser RemUI theme

To create and display menu items according to your preference in the header menu, kindly head over to  Site Administration → Appearance → Themes → Theme Settings  → Custom menu items

To create a menu list you need to follow the  format mentioned below

  • Each item should be written on a separate line
  • The format is <menu-name>|<menu-link>|<menu-tooltip>|<language-support>
    • the menu-name will be displayed in the header
    • the link should be the URL of the target page or section in your website
    • the tooltip is an optional field and is used to provide the user with helper text regarding the menu item
    • the language-support field is optional and can be used to optionally display the menu item only for the supported language. 

You can also refer to the following examples 

  1. Moodle||News|en, 
  2. Moodle||Nachrichten|de

Please note that a multi-level/ sub-menu cannot be created as Moodle does not support the same.

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