How to change color of the section 0 in list layout of Edwiser Course format

By default, the General Section or Section 0 of the list layout is in solid gray color. 

To change the color, navigate to Site Admin > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > Custom CSS and the following CSS code:

body#page-course-view-remuiformat .remui-format-list #section-0 .course-cover-image {
background: green !important;

You can also change the same by please navigate to the Course > Edit Settings (Cog icon) > Course Format > Choose a course image and add an image here.

Before adding an image: 

After adding an image:

Tip: If you wish to add a color only for a specific course you can add an solid color image as the background you can upload a solid image of the color of your preference, For example here I have added an image of solid red color:

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