Data not updated in Edwiser Reports

If the data on the Edwiser Reports dashboard is not reflected or updated then please make sure you have met the following pre-requisite settings:

  1. Enable Cron Job on your Moodle site and make sure it is executed every minute. The data will be refreshed and added to the report's dashboard as per the Cron configuration. The reference link to setup the Cron job is available here:
  2. Enable activity completion and course completion in the course so that the plugin can fetch activity and course completion reports.
    The reference link for setting up activity completion:
    The reference link for setting up course completion:
  3. Navigate to site admin > plugins > Edwiser Reports > Settings > enable/disable Show pre-calculated data.

Do make sure you purge caches on your Moodle site for the data to be reflected instantly. You can purge caches by navigating to Site Administration > Development > Purge Caches > Purge all caches.

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