Table 'mdl_edwreports_blocks' already exists" error during installation of the Edwiser Reports

During the installation of the Edwiser Reports plugin, few tables are created in the database. If the plugin was not installed/uninstalled correctly these database tables created are not deleted and when you try to install the plugin again, Moodle throws the error "Table 'mdl_edwreports_blocks' already exists.

To resolve the issue you first need to download and install the Moodle Adminer plugin to access the database of your Moodle site. 

Once this plugin is installed navigate to Site Admin > Server > Moodle Adminer > Launch Database.

Once the database is launched you need to delete (drop) the following data tables:

  • edwreports_blocks
  • edwreports_schedemails
  • edwreports_course_progress
  • edwreports_custom_reports

Once done try to install the plugin and if you still face any issues feel free to reach out to us at

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