How to get PayPal API Credits

Important - This feature is only available for Premium PayPal accounts.

  • Access your PayPal account by logging in.
  • Hover your mouse over your name.
  • Click on "Account settings".

  • Go to the site bar and click on "Account Access".
  • Look for "API Access".
  • Click on "Update".

  • Go to the section labelled "Custom Checkout Experience".
  • Click on "NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic)".
  • Click on "Manage API credentials".

  • On the next screen in PayPal, select "Request API Credentials".
  • Choose "Request API signature".
  • Click on "Agree and Submit".

  • Once completed, you will obtain your API username, API password, and Signature.
  • Click on "show links" to reveal them.
  • Copy and paste them into their respective fields on your WordPress site.
  • Click on "save changes" to confirm.

If you encounter any problems with these settings, please connect with the PayPal support team.

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