How to remove the reports menu link from the header

The Edwiser Reports Plugin is designed in such a way that it automatically re-adds the link to the custom menu item. This was implemented to avoid issues if someone accidentally deleted the menu item. In the upcoming versions, we are planning to add a setting to add or remove the menu from the custom menu item.

For now. Please navigate to the following file of your Moodle installation: {moodle}\local\edwiserreports\lib.php

In this file find the code below and comment on the nodes using two front slashes:

if ($hasblocks) {

if ($CFG->branch < 400) {

$icon = new pix_icon('i/stats', '');

// $node = $nav->add(

// get_string('reportsandanalytics', 'local_edwiserreports'),

// new moodle_url($CFG->wwwroot . '/local/edwiserreports/index.php'),

// navigation_node::TYPE_CUSTOM,

// 'reportsandanalytics',

// 'reportsandanalytics',

// $icon

// );

// $node->showinflatnavigation = true;

} else if (stripos($CFG->custommenuitems, "/local/edwiserreports/index.php") === false) {

// $nodes = explode("\n", $CFG->custommenuitems);

// $node = get_string('reportsandanalytics', 'local_edwiserreports');

// $node .= "|";

// $node .= "/local/edwiserreports/index.php";

// array_unshift($nodes, $node);

// $CFG->custommenuitems = implode("\n", $nodes);



Once done save the files and purge caches on your Moodle site and remove the custom menu item.

Let me know if this still does not work.

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