How to translate Edwiser RemUI theme to my preferred language ?

Edwiser RemUI theme is translation ready.

Let's say you want to translate Edwiser RemUI in Portuguese (Brazil).

To translate the strings from English to Portuguese, you need to follow these steps.

1) Navigate to Moodle installation -> theme -> Edwiser RemUI theme -> Lang folder

2) Create a new folder with the language code i.e. pt_br

3) Now copy and paste theme_remui.php from en folder to the new folder (pt_br)

4) Now add Portuguese translation besides the strings.

5) Once this is done, do Purge Cache on your Moodle site and check if the strings are translated.

To translate Edwiser RemUI block plugin navigate here: Moodle installation -> blocks -> remuiblck -> lang
To translate Course format plugin here: Moodle installation -> course -> format -> remuiformat -> lang

Note: The translated language file needs to be saved with the right language code. So for Portuguese (Brazil) = pt_br

You need to install the Portuguese (Brazil) language pack first in the Moodle Site.

Also, you need to use the language code properly as per which language you want to use on your site.

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