I get error 'Please check the URL or wordpress site permalink or Invalid Token while testing the connection on the Moodle end.

  • Please check in the Moodle Edwiser Bridge settings if the Wordpress URL is exactly the same as your Wordpress Site URL.
  • Visit your Wordpress site. In the Wordpress site go to 'settings --> Permalink'. In Permalinks, please check if the selected permalink is 'Post name'
  • Check if you have any security plugins in WordPress which are blocking the API requests. If yes, then test connection by disabling those plugins or by white-listing your Moodle IP in the WordPress security plugin.
  • If you have any middleware used for caching like cloudflare then please allow requests from the Moodle IP or add page rule for this URL: siteurl/wp-json/edwiser-bridge
  • If you have any Test Moodle site then check 'Test connection' with WordPress site. If it works then your WordPress site is blocking some requests, please Whitelist IP in server.
  • If you are using Wordfence Security plugin then Whitelist Moodle IP address in the plugin setting
  • While you copy paste the token, please check if an extra space is added to it or not. If there is an extra space to the start or end then remove it.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact us.

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